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By Way of Introduction

Having squashed the shockingly strong impulse to troll my own website with the very first post, please allow me a moment to explain myself.


Great. Well done. If I can steal a moment, I can steal a mile (that is how that saying goes, right?). Now then, you are here for one reason alone: to follow along as I awkwardly attempt to create a collection of noteworthy, amusing, or disheartening entries. Much like a young child making a popcorn string, I imagine I will develop an irritating and endearing habit of eating posts for my own immediate gratification instead of placing them on the string. Thus, I can’t promise you a lovely, hand-crafted decoration in time for the holidays, but popcorn strings (and, by extension, blogs) are fashionable no matter the season.

As for the proposed content of my popcorn strings, I imagine they will be largely self-indulgent with the hope that my reader(s) will find them engaging enough to spend a few idle minutes with them. A personal blog I kept years ago was just such a creature, but my readership consisted entirely of my small circle of friends. Ideally, this will have a much larger readership if only because I don’t plan to whinepost about my personal life much. You can expect snippets of fiction, swaths of poetry, and daubs of video game, book, and movie reviews. Still indulgent, of course, but perhaps in a more entertaining way.

As a parting thought, I’ve read that text-only blogs are dull. In an effort to avoid falling into a habit of imagelessness, I present you with a picture of a castle in Ohio.

The last remaining proof that the wicked Duke of Cleveland wasn't just a legend

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