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My WorldCon Schedule

My Twitter feed indicates that posting WorldCon schedules is très chic at the moment. Ever passionate about maintaining lock-step with industry expectations, I present my own schedule for your amusement:

8:30 PM, August 29 (Thursday): Ghost-walking Tour of San Antonio – Really, is this much of a surprise? I wrote two books about paranormal things in the Old West. It would be terribly out-of-character for me to miss the opportunity to learn more about the history and hauntings of classic Old West locales.

7:00 PM, August 31 (Saturday): Drinks with Authors – I like drinks. I am an author. Much like the ghost tour, this one seemed pretty natural.

As far as formal events go, that’s it. I plan to spend some time around the Angry Robot table, so you might catch me there if you’ve a mind to. Sightings may also occur at panels and/or readings featuring other AR authors. Why did I not volunteer for any panels, readings, or signings myself? Well, I aim to relax on this trip. See friends, get drunk, eat notable amounts of steak and Tex/Mex. I’m still attending in my capacity as an author, but as a very lazy one.

Also, I will have calculus homework to do.

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