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Full DCC Schedule

While all of the elite publish-y people are nobhobbing each other with martinis and beards at BEA, I will be holding forth in the Mile-High City at Denver Comic Con. Yes, this has been previously addressed, but now I have the full and complete outline of my time:


-The Weird Wild West (hosted by Denver Public Library): 3:00 – 3:50 PM; Room 105

-Steam and Gears: 5:00 – 5:50 PM; Room 107


-Mash-ups and Genres: 3:00 – 3:50 PM; Room 102

-Horror and Dark Fiction: 7:00 – 7:50 PM; Room 102

If you’re at the con and haven’t made plans for those days and times, please drop in so you can watch me sit at a table and mumble. Hope to see you there!

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Brief Update

The four Alden children have failed me yet again. Their worthless husks notwithstanding, I return once again for a long overdue update. It will not be lengthy, alas, but surely you’ve come to expect this by now.

Anyway, the biggest update is that I will be appearing on a Weird West panel at Denver Comic Con this coming Friday (May 31) at 3:00. One of the first panels at the con, which probably means we won’t have a huge audience, but it frees me up to follow George Takei around and perhaps bear witness to the coming of The Shat. Besides, I’d rather not have an audience of thousands for my first panel; the experience will be intimidating enough without half of fandom staring at my stupid face. Many thanks to the folks at the Denver Public Library for offering me the chance to participate!

So yeah, that’s the big news. I’ve also booked my flight out to WorldCon in San Antonio this August, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there. Perhaps we will achieve a special sort of oneness as we all melt into a collective puddle under the Texan summer sun. Lastly, I’m hoping to blog with greater frequency now that the semester has ended. I wasn’t in school this time, but there was enough going on at work to drain me of all non-essential life force. My ice-beam-and-missile combo has sent it packing, though, so you might just see more of me in the near future.

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