IMG_20160409_214906432Lee Collins has spent his entire life in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he generally prefers to stay indoors reading and playing video games. As a child, he never realized that he could create video games for a living, so he chose to study creative writing at Colorado State University. Upon graduation, he worked as an editorial intern for a local magazine before securing a desk job with his alma mater.

Lee’s short fiction has appeared in Ensorcelled and Morpheus Tales, the latter of which awarded him second place in a flash fiction contest. In 2009, a friend challenged him to participate in National Novel Writing Month, and the resulting manuscript became his debut novel, The Dead of Winter, published in October 2012. The sequel, She Returns From War, arrived in 2013.

After publishing these novels, Lee realized that they weren’t a means out of the university job. A few months spent deciding what his day job self wanted to be when he grew up started him at Oregon State University for a degree in computer science. This lead him into a day job he doesn’t usually hate.

In his spare minutes between writing and coercing computers to behave in certain ways, Lee still indulges in his oldest passions: books and video games. He and his wife live in Colorado Springs with their non-imaginary greyhounds Murdoc and Willa.

Contact Lee Collins:

Email: leecollinsfiction [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @leecollinsfict

Facebook: Lee Collins Fiction

Goodreads: Lee Collins

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